For Sale > C.V. Heljestrand Straight Razor - $45

C.V. Heljestrand Straight Razor from about 1900. Made from the famous and coveted Swedish steel. The razor is in good shape, especially for it's age. The scales are original and in very good condition. It could use a touch up hone but is otherwise shave-ready. Markings on blade of razor - C.V. Heljestrand. ESLIKSTUNA. PRISBELONT 1866. London 185?. There are some additional markings that are difficult to read and part of the letters / numbers are missing. Case included. Case is marked Perfecto. Peter J. Michels. Brooklyn NY. Made in Germany. Inside red label marked "The James Barry Co. 36 S. Clark St, Chicago, Ill. We do all kinds of grinding and repairing. Razor grinding and honing our specialty".